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Destination: Porto Alegre

Capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre was founded on March 26, 1772. Today the city has a population of 1.5 million inhabitants in its 497km² of area.


Top 10 among the cities that most host international events and a reference in infrastructure and services. Porto Alegre has a vocation to host fairs, congresses and events, combining culture, gastronomy, tradition and leisure.



privileged location


Porto Alegre is strategically located in Brazil. It is the gateway to the South Region. Salgado Filho International Airport ranked 21st among the 132 best in the world, according to a survey by AirHelp.


Under the management of Fraport Brasil, it is the largest terminal in the South Region, receiving an average of 222 daily flights (INFRAERO 2019). It is the 8th busiest airport in Brazil.

Mapa - malha aérea-02.png

Photos: Vinicius Bandeira

Curiosities of the gaucho capital


Two world champion football clubs

Porto Alegre is one of the few cities in the world to have two world champion soccer clubs: Grêmio Futebol Porto Alegrense and Sport Club Internacional. Both have a multipurpose Arena/Stadium in the standards of excellence established by FIFA.


Porto Alegre has already hosted two WORLD CUPS

In 1950 the capital of Rio Grande do Sul hosted two games at the former Eucaliptos Stadium.

In 2014 Porto Alegre hosted five World Cup games at the remodeled Beira-Rio Stadium.


One tree per inhabitant

The city has about 1.3 million trees on public roads. It is one of the most wooded cities in Brazil.

Porto Alegre

250 years innovating

Porto Alegre completed 250 years and was renewed. There are several novelties, both structural and cultural. In addition to the Orla do Guaíba, which has already been largely recovered (the part of Orla 2 is missing, which is in the design phase), the 4th District always has something new (industrial district of POA that is undergoing transformation), in addition to the Pier Embarcadero and all the attractions that are returning or reinventing themselves.

Discover this 250-year-old city that never stops innovating.


Rio Grande do Sul


ARRIVAL OF Azorean couples

Porto Alegre has been a romantic city since its foundation. It is the place where 60 couples, coming from the Azores in Portugal, had to stay to build their lives.



Date of creation of the Parish of São Francisco do Porto dos Casais, one year later changed to Nossa Senhora da Madre de Deus de Porto Alegre

check out some of the history of Porto Alegre, its teams, universities and architecture.

  • Cultural diversity, gastronomy and gaucho traditions with a strong European influence.

  • Hospitality of our people and natural beauties that enchant visitors.

  • We are the 5th most populous state in the country, with 6% of the national population.

  • Diversified tourist options: Coast, Costa Doce, Missões, Pampa Gaúcho, Vale dos Vinhedos, Region of Hortênsias and Metropolitan Region.

  • Largest grain producing state and the 6th largest GDP in the country.

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