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Just you in town?

Check below some itineraries to get to know Porto Alegre, its culture, traditions, meet people, make new friends and not be alone. The capital of the gauchos has more than 100 options of museums and cultural attractions.

Mix the options, enjoy and live this experience!!

Option Day 01 - Mon to Fri

1. Starting the day with a walk in Parque Moinhos de Vento is always great, breathing in purer air, observing landscapes with the lake and ducklings that live there;

2. From the Park to the city center it is only 3.1 km, take the opportunity to go to the Public Market, a place that houses the city's tradition and culture, added to the ancestry and religiosity of African origin - shopping for products from the city;

3. Lunch at Gambrinus restaurant - best codfish cake, oldest restaurant in RS and among the 3 oldest in the country with 132 years, located inside the Public Market.

1. Being in the Public Market, the avenue that is next to you leads to a large staircase. Go up Av. Borges de Medeiros to the Otávio Rocha viaduct and enjoy the view of the city, where you can see the downtown buildings and the avenue that leads to the south zone;

2. The street above this viaduct is called Duque de Caxias, if you come from the Public Market, go up the stairs and turn right, continue for another two blocks and you will see Praça da Matriz, where the Piratini Palace is located, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Legislative Assembly, the famous Theatro São Pedro. Take the opportunity to appreciate all the surrounding architecture.


3. It is also possible to visit the Júlio de Castilhos Museum, located between the Borges viaduct and Praça da Matriz and the oldest museum in Rio Grande do Sul. It is installed in two old mansions in Porto Alegre, located at Rua Duque de Caxias 1231 and 1205, in the center of the city. The museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm, with free admission;

4. Leaving Praça da Matriz, going down between the Theatro São Pedro and the Palácio da Justiça, you will see the Public Library of the State of RS, make a stop and discover it, it is worth it;


5. Next to the Library, there will be a long descent that took the name of Rua da Ladeira, leading to Praça da Alfândega, where you will get to know the Farol Santander, the Art Museum of RS and its exhibitions, check it out by clicking on the link that is in the map;

6. Want more culture? Go through Praça da Alfândega, taking Rua dos Andradas, towards the setting sun, and go to the Mario Quintana culture house, an old hotel that housed the poet for years and expelled him, but was bought by a famous fan. which he turned into the Casa de Cultura and named after the poet. There it is possible to see the exhibitions and have a coffee on the 7th floor overlooking the Guaíba River as the sun sets;

7. At 5:00 pm, the White Cisne Boat leaves for its sunset, watching the most beautiful sunset in the middle of Guaiba, if you have time, after so much culture, also do this tour.

Extra tip: mix the tips, the itineraries, see what catches your attention by clicking on the links on the map and make a selection.

1. After the sun goes down, it's also very beautiful to walk along the waterfront, sit in one of the bars overlooking the river, have dinner at 360 Gastrobar or go to the trendy Cais Embarcadero;

2. Just 2.8 km from the Embarcadero Pier, there is the old Brahma brewery, which was revitalized and became Shopping Total, incredible architecture that also refers to the city's beer culture. There you can discover the best stores, with the best prices in the city, one of the best play areas for children and teenagers in the city, in addition to the local gastronomy, with the Barley pub, the largest in Brazil and the only selfie service via the 24-hour app, which also serves typical German food. There are many secrets and mysteries about the construction of this mall, there are rumors that there are underground tunnels throughout the building.

3. Go to the 4th District to see the more than 20 breweries located in the region. It is the place in the city where the Innovation Hub, Instituto Caldeira, is located. Next to the Instituto Caldeira, there is the DC Navegantes, a shopping center with the newest gastronomic place in Porto Alegre, the Mercado Paralelo. In this environment you will find the best restaurants gathered for a tasting menu, as well as a kitchen that can be rented to the public and several other gastronomic attractions that have become the amusement park for adults who love to try new culinary experiences;

4. Check the schedule of shows and shows in the city;





Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 02 - Mon to Fri





1. Plan ahead to watch a football match at Arena do Grêmio, games sometimes take place in the morning. Take a tour of the stadium, shop at the store and see the memorial;

two . Go to Instituto Ling (8km from the Arena), discover the incredible architecture of the building, see the exhibitions and have a coffee;

3. Want a traditional steakhouse for lunch? Churrascaria Barranco (2.4km from Ling) is the most traditional in town, try it. If you prefer a Steakhouse, check out NB Steak on Avenida Nilo Peçanha (1.3km).

1. If you have lunch at NB Steak, take advantage of the fact that it is on the same street and visit Germania Park (1.5 km), next to Shopping Iguatemi and Shopping Bourbon Country;

2. Go to the Cidade Baixa neighborhood (7.5km) to have coffee at the only Fado house in Brazil and one of the few in the world outside Portugal, Maria Lisboa, with the original Portuguese coffee and the traditional recipe for Pastel de Belém and Santa Clara, with a peaceful atmosphere, a house of Portuguese architecture and with several elements coming from the country that colonized our city. A little piece of Portugal in Porto Alegre;

3. Visit Travessa dos Venezianos (900m from Casa Maria Lisboa), a street completely preserved with the original houses of the Azoreans who colonized Porto Alegre, in some of the houses you can find gastronomic spaces;

4. It is also possible to visit and enjoy a soiree at the Joaquim Felizardo museum, a house with Portuguese architecture from 1845, which houses the city's historical collection.

1. The Cidade Baixa neighborhood is known for being bohemian, with many bars and restaurants offering diverse cuisine;

2. On the corners of Lima e Silva and República streets, it is possible to find many bars on the extensions of the blocks, with cultural diversity and aimed at the LGBTQIA+ public, enjoy this energy and have fun;

3. Check the schedule of shows and shows in the city

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 03 - Weekends


220114_Giulian Serafim_PMPA-8885_edited.jpg




1. If it is Saturday, the natural fair of Redemption, on Sundays there is the famous Bric da Redenção - antiques, handicrafts and culture fair of the city with 300 exhibitors and which has been in operation since 1978. POA is there;

2. Walk through the tree-lined streets of Bom Fim, a traditional Jewish neighborhood in the city, with synagogues, a lot of history and culture;

3. Go to the city center for shopping at the public market on Saturday, Sunday closed, but enjoy lunch at the traditional and excellent cuisine Chalé da Praça XV.

1. Go to Fundação Ibere Camargo, see the permanent exhibition of the world-renowned artist, the other itinerant exhibitions of the house, admire the architecture of the building, made by the famous architect specialized in museums Álvaro Sisa, have a coffee at the Z Café at the entrance of the museum , admiring the landscape facing the river;

2. Get to know the hippodrome and Barra shopping;

3. Stop by the Beira Rio stadium, take a guided tour, go to the inter museum and the store;


4. Watch the sunset on the Barco Cisne Branco.

1. Get to know the 4th District, an industrial district in the city that is a model of innovation. Porto Alegre has approximately 40 Breweries, 21 of which are in the 4th District, one of the options is 4Beer, with more than 300 styles of beers that take turns on 41 taps, band shows and many attractions;

2. After warming up the early evening with beer, you can go to one of the most popular clubs in the city, which are also in the 4th district or go to Moinhos de Vento, a neighboring neighborhood, to discover the Thomas Pub, with live music. , it is not even 3km away from 4 Beer;

3. Check the city's schedule of shows and shows.

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above


Porto Alegre has one of the best and most diverse cuisines in Brazil!

The city colonized by Azorean couples received immigrants from all over the world, which gave rise to a multicultural gastronomy of extreme quality.

To gather and publicize so many gastronomic places in the city, one of the largest portals in the country, o  DESTEMPERADOS appeared.

Click on the buttons below to get to know Destemperados and the main places to eat in the city.

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Porto Alegre has two tourist bus lines, check them out below.


Linha Turismo offers packages including itineraries of Linha Turismo, Barco Cisne Branco, visits to football stadiums, the PUC Museum, Breweries and Gastronomic experiences in our City.

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