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Did you come with your love to the city?

Check below some itineraries to discover Porto Alegre as a couple, romantic places, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, instagrammable and unforgettable landscapes. The capital of the gauchos has more than 100 options of museums and cultural attractions.  Mix your options, enjoy and live this experience!!

Option Day 01 - Mon to Fri

1. Do you want to start the day in a beautiful, super romantic place with a plus of fresh air inside the city? Take a walk, have a picnic, sit under a tree, enjoy the sound of the birds and get to know the flora of our region by going to the Botanical Garden of Porto Alegre (7km from the city center). Except on Mondays, the other days of the week the park opens for visitation at 9 am and closes at 5 pm. The place is a guarantee of a lot of selfie with kisses on your love.
Admission is not expensive, R$ 6.00 but payment is only in cash. 

2. Walked in the Botanical Garden but didn't have that picnic and made you want to go to a cafe all made to conquer you and your crush? Inside the Bourbon Shopping Ipiranga, Prawer has delicious coffees and chocolates from Gramado, just 1km from the Botanical Garden and 7km from the center, it opens at 10am, along with the mall. Prawer is a certainty of quality and a lot of "hmm how delicious" to conquer that person once and for all. After breakfast, it is interesting to visit the three floors of the mall, go to the Hiper Mercado, if you are willing to shop. 

1. After spending the morning in the Botanical Garden or eating chocolates, shopping and visiting the mall, before continuing to explore the city it is necessary to have lunch, and the best way to have lunch and enjoy traditional gaucho culture is going to CTG 35, at Churrascaria Roda de Carreta (next to Bourbon Shopping Ipiranga). Open from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch. Upon entering, prepare to fully immerse yourself in the gaucho culture. 

2. After enjoying the Churrascaria, close by (1.6km) is the PUC-RS Science and Technology Museum. A unique immersion experience in a fully interactive and digital world, with attractions that explain in a practical and simple way the phenomena of physics, nature, in addition to many curiosities, the human body and history. Entrance costs R$ 40.00 for the whole and R$ 20.00 for the half. But organize yourself to spend the whole afternoon, and it's still not enough to see everything. 

3. When leaving the PUC-RS Museum, with your head boiling with ideas after so much information, it's good to go enjoy a happy hour in a beautiful place, which your love will love to know, full of lights, under a giant tree and close to PUC-RS (600m), Pátio is a gastronomic experience that brings together several menus in a single space. You can order hamburgers, pizza, have beer or drinks. This place has no bugs!! 

1. If you are following this tip, your night has already started at Happy Pátio, but if you want to go longer, go to Rua João Telles (7km from Pátio and 2km from downtown), on the corner with Avenida Osvaldo Aranha is the bar West, with a diversified program that starts at the beginning of the week and goes until the end of it. One of the most alternative bars in the city, you can find anything from a soiree or a voice and guitar show, to a mega ballad. Check the schedule on the website. 

2. If you don't want to go to the West, Rua João Telles offers several options of bars on the sidewalk across the street. On Avenida Osvaldo Aranha it is also possible to find bars that will be crowded, one of them is Osvaldo bar, a block from the West, almost on the corner with Rua Santo Antônio, an alternative bar that brings together a crowd from Porto Alegre who enjoy a good conversation.  

3. Have fun and remember to always look at the city's cultural program and agenda.







Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 02 - Mon to Fri






1. Stroll along the Orla do Guaíba, starting at Usina do Gasómetro and right next to the Pier pavilions. This walk can also be done at sunset, but if you want to enjoy the company of your love and contemplate the landscape, first thing in the morning is ideal, the movement of people is much smaller and the river breeze mixed with the smell of dew. on the lawn, they give a super romantic and special air. Along the way, you can find coconut water and sugarcane juice to cool off while admiring the scenery and enjoying your company. 

2. Still on the waterfront, bars and cafes open at 10 am, you can also go to Rua dos Andradas where there are some very good coffee shops, such as Padaria, Café  and Confeitaria Andradas, which opens at 7:30 am, with a very pleasant atmosphere and a very diverse and delicious menu. 

3. Continuing along Rua dos Andradas towards the center, beyond the Nossa Senhora das Dores church, which took 100 years to be ready due to a very curious legend (know the church and learn about the legend), the tip is to go to the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, with permanent and traveling exhibitions, also has a restaurant on the top floor with a unique view of the city and the river, where you can be seated under a dome of the former Magestic hotel, a building that became the house of culture. The Lola restaurant is open from 11 am to 11 pm and it is possible to have from a coffee, to a glass of the best and most famous Spanish sangria that is made in the city (drink based on wines and fruits).
Fun fact: some marriage proposals have already been made at this restaurant ;) #ficadica 

1. Rua dos Andradas is also known as Rua da Praia, as the Guaíba reached it before being embanked to the Pier. Leaving the Casa de Cultura and heading towards the center, you will arrive at the Calçadão da Rua da Praia, with lots of commerce, shopping center, food and the Praça da Alfândega,  surrounded by historic buildings of eclectic architecture , one of them being the Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul - MARGS, with incredible works in the permanent exhibition that refers to the culture of RS, in addition to the traveling exhibitions that make up the collection. The period for visiting the exhibitions at MARGS is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm (last access 6.30 pm), always with free access.
In the Square you will also find Farol Santander, a cultural complex that is always with news and attractions, located only in Porto Alegre and São  Paulo, check the schedule. The space is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, including holidays, from 10 am to 7 pm.

2. After this tour of the downtown museums, the tip for the couple is to go to the Barco Cisne Branco, with departures at 3 pm to discover the islands, a super romantic but also historical-cultural route. As the boat navigates between the islands, you enjoy the scenery and listen to descriptions of each island. The group of islands is formed by the four rivers that meet forming the Guaíba. The boat is so close to the shore that it makes it possible to touch the trees, a unique and unforgettable experience. 

3. To continue with this encounter with the waters of the Guaíba as a frame, we recommend going to 360 Gastrobar, a circular-shaped restaurant built in the water. Depending on the schedule, it is possible to enjoy a happy hour to the sound of live music with dj or voice and guitar. What doesn't depend on the schedule, but on precipitation, is watching the sunset from inside the restaurant or its surroundings, one of the most beautiful and contemplative landscapes you will see,  postcard of the city.  

1. After sunset, the couple can stay at the 360 Gastro Pub enjoying the scenery, having a few drinks and taking the opportunity to extend to dinner in the same place, or they can also walk to the Embarcadero Pier, discover this gastronomic center on the waterfront. do Guaíba and which is the point for couples in the city. With several options, from a cafe to a specialty meat, it will be a unique gourmet and sensory experience. 

2. If you prefer a more trendy place, to dance or just drink a great drink, go to Avenida Nova York (7km from the waterfront), there you can go to Dry Moments & Drinks - specialized in Drinks, with great gastronomic accompaniments, Wills Bar - inspired by Brooklyn street art, serves drinks and hamburgers/sandwiches. If you want to enjoy the night and go clubbing with your crush, 72 New York is a bar with music and space to dance a lot, open from Tuesdays to Saturdays until 3 am. 


3. If you want to go straight to the hotel and enjoy the comfort of your room but also have a good wine or even a drink enjoying a sunset on the rooftop, the best place is the Hotel Plaza São Rafael. Café signed by Mule Bule - one of the best coffee shops in town, incredible restaurant and even a wine shop inside the hotel's foyer. 

4. Have fun and don't forget to always check the schedule of events and the city's cultural agenda.

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 03 - Weekends


WhatsApp Image 2022-05-02 at 15.08_edited.jpg


WhatsApp Image 2022-05-02 at 15.21_edited.jpg


1. If it is Saturday, the natural fair of Redemption, on Sundays there is the famous Bric da Redenção - antiques, handicrafts and culture fair of the city with 300 exhibitors and which has been in operation since 1978. POA is there;

2. Walk through the tree-lined streets of Bom Fim, the city's traditional Jewish quarter, with synagogues, a lot of history and culture, finding cafes on Fernandes Vieira or Vasco da Gama streets;

3. Go to the city center for shopping at the public market on Saturday, Sunday closed, but enjoy lunch at the traditional and excellent cuisine Chalé da Praça XV.

4. You can contact Siga Turismo or Viva + POA (both mentioned on the Welcome page) and take a guided tour of the football stadiums or watch games, check the game schedule. Our tip is to visit the Arena do Grêmio in the morning, visit the stadium, the structure, the museum and the store.

On the map below you can check the distances from where you are to the place mentioned here.

1. Go to Fundação Ibere Camargo, see the permanent exhibition of the world-renowned artist, the other itinerant exhibitions of the house, admire the architecture of the building, made by the famous architect specialized in museums Álvaro Sisa, have a coffee at the Z Café at the entrance of the museum , admiring the landscape facing the river;

2. Visit the Porto Alegre hippodrome and Barra Shopping Sul for shopping, sightseeing, going to the movies. ;

3. On the way back to the city center, the Beira Rio stadium will be on the way (2.8 km from Barra Shopping Sul and 3.7 km from the Historic Center of the city), take a guided tour, go to the Inter museum and the store (check at the end of the page "Welcome" the agencies Siga Turismo and Viva + POA for guided tours of the stadiums);

4. Watch the sunset on the Barco Cisne Branco with your love. A unique landscape, seen from the middle of the Guaíba, where it is possible to see the sun setting or, looking to the other side, the city illuminated by the sun that is leaving.

1. Discover the 4th District, an industrial district in the city that is a model of innovation. Porto Alegre has approximately 40 Breweries, 21 of which are in the 4th District, one of the options is 4Beer, with more than 300 styles of beers that take turns on 41 taps, band shows and many attractions;

2. If, even after getting to know and "tasting" the city's beers, you want to know more places, the tip is to go to the other bars in the neighborhood, such as Fuga Bar, with a great list of drinks and live shows, charging entry in the amount of R$10.00;

3. Check the city's schedule of shows and shows.

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above


Porto Alegre has one of the best and most diverse cuisines in Brazil!

The city colonized by Azorean couples received immigrants from all over the world, which gave rise to a multicultural gastronomy of extreme quality.

To gather and publicize so many gastronomic places in the city, one of the largest portals in the country, o  DESTEMPERADOS appeared.

Click on the buttons below to get to know Destemperados and the main places to eat in the city.

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Porto Alegre has two tourist bus lines, check them out below.


Linha Turismo offers packages including itineraries of Linha Turismo, Barco Cisne Branco, visits to football stadiums, the PUC Museum, Breweries and Gastronomic experiences in our City.

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