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Enjoying the city with your family?

Check out the best places to enjoy Porto Alegre with your family, parks, squares, restaurants, skate on the biggest track in Latin America, do sports, post lots of photos and make videos for the networks. The capital of the gauchos has more than 100 options of museums and cultural attractions.  Mix your options, enjoy and live this experience!!

Option Day 01 - Mon to Fri

1. Waking up with the family and going for a walk in a park, cycling with the children and releasing the Dog in a "dog track", all this is possible by going to Parque Moinhos de Vento. There's a place to release your Dog in a fenced environment to run without worry. There is also the Bikes Itaú station to cycle through the park, or just enjoy the scenery while the children play in the playground;

2. Almost next to Parque Moinhos de Vento is Moinhos Shopping, where you can have a coffee, shop and go to the movies. It is possible to stay practically inside the mall, at the Hilton Porto Alegre Hotel, which offers one of the best hotel structures in the city, with direct access to the mall and in front of one of the best known streets in the city, Padre Chagas. It is also possible to stay right in front of Parque Moinhos de Vento, at the Quality Hotel Porto Alegre, with an incredible view of the park and a rooftop that will surprise you;

3. This is the region with the best restaurants and a wide and diverse offer. One suggestion is 20Barra9, with delicious meats. If you are vegetarian or prefer a lighter lunch but with many options of dishes, try Delícia Natural and have a great lunch at either of these two restaurants.

1. Just 650 meters from Parque Moinhos de Vento, there is the DMAE Station, a place to go with the family, sit under the trees, have a picnic. Enter the map, see the location and check out the photos by going to the link.

2. If you want to cycle with the family and play sports on the waterfront, there is a bike path that connects Parque Moinhos de Vento to the waterfront in Porto Alegre. You can pick up the bikes at Bike POA Itaú do Moinhos station and leave them at Orla station. By bike it is a total of 5.8km that can be done in 25min, depending on the pedaling of each one;

3. Being on the beachfront, it is possible to practice sports on the courts together with your family, go to the bars to drink or eat something, enjoy in the glass-enclosed restaurant with a full view of the Guaíba. There are 3.6km of waterfront that can be enjoyed in different ways by the whole family, enjoy, take pictures, tag #visiteportoalegre and have fun.

4. You can also enjoy being in the Orla region and cycle or walk with the family in Parque Marinha do Brasil before returning to the Orla to see our beautiful Sunset. Parque Marinha has a corridor of trees that form a green tunnel, in addition to beautiful landscapes. Check out the photos by clicking the link on the map.

1. After sunset, walk along the shore, sit in one of the bars overlooking the river or take the family to Cais Embarcadero, a point in Porto Alegre, with several restaurants and diverse cuisine.

2. Still inside the Embarcadero Pier, there is a place that will stir all your senses, the Multiverse Space. A place with projections mapped from floor to ceiling that put you inside the works that are projected, is a must;

3. Just 2.8 km from the Embarcadero Pier, there is the old Brahma brewery, which was revitalized and became Shopping Total, incredible architecture that also refers to the city's beer culture. There it is possible to discover the best stores, with the best prices in the city, one of the best play areas for children and teenagers in the city, in addition to the local gastronomy, with the Barley pub, the largest in Brazil and the only selfie service via the 24-hour app, which also serves typical German food. There are many secrets and mysteries about the construction of this mall, there are rumors that there are underground tunnels throughout the building. Your family will love this experience;

4. Check the schedule of shows and shows in the city;





Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 02 - Mon to Fri




1. Plan ahead to watch a football match at Arena do Grêmio, games sometimes take place in the morning. Take a tour of the stadium, shop at the store and see the memorial;

two . Go to Instituto Ling (8km from the Arena), discover the incredible architecture of the building, see the exhibitions and have a coffee;

3. Want a traditional steakhouse for lunch with the family? Churrascaria Barranco (2.4km from Ling) is the most traditional in town, try it. If you prefer a Steakhouse, check out NB Steak on Avenida Nilo Peçanha (1.3km).

1. Visit Germania Park, next to Iguatemi Mall and Bourbon Country Mall;

2. Go to the Cidade Baixa neighborhood (7.5km) to have coffee at the only Fado house in Brazil and one of the few in the world outside Portugal, Maria Lisboa, with the original Portuguese coffee and the traditional recipe for Pastel de Belém and Santa Clara, with a peaceful atmosphere, a house of Portuguese architecture and with several elements coming from the country that colonized our city. A little piece of Portugal in Porto Alegre;

3. Visit Travessa dos Venezianos (900m from Casa Maria Lisboa), a street completely preserved with the original houses of the Azoreans who colonized Porto Alegre, in some of the houses you can find gastronomic spaces;

4. It is also possible to visit and enjoy a party at the Joaquim Felizardo museum, a house with Portuguese architecture from 1845, which houses the city's historical collection.

1. While still enjoying Cidade Baixa, you can go with the family at Céu Bar + Arte - Variety of drinks, hamburgers and portions, in a space with artistic events, music, an informal atmosphere that opens at 6 pm. Even as an open place, to relax with the family, go to Brita Bar - Airy atmosphere, it's like being in your backyard, surrounded by friends and many gastronomic options (pictured above);

2. For closed environments that the family will love, the tips are the Spoiler - Bar that has the theme of famous series, but be careful, there are many spoilers of the series scattered around the environment. Dinks are great! There is also Bar do Joaquim, a traditional Portuguese bar, with snacks, your family will love the atmosphere and the menu;

3. Always check the schedule with the city's cultural and concert schedule.

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above

Option Day 03 - Weekends


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1. If it is Saturday, the natural fair of Redemption, on Sundays there is the famous Bric da Redenção - antiques, handicrafts and culture fair of the city with 300 exhibitors and which has been in operation since 1978. POA is there;

2. Walk through the tree-lined streets of Bom Fim, a traditional Jewish neighborhood in the city, with synagogues, a lot of history and culture;

3. Go to the city center for shopping at the public market on Saturday, Sunday closed, but enjoy lunch at the traditional and excellent cuisine Chalé da Praça XV.

1. Go to Fundação Ibere Camargo, see the permanent exhibition of the world-renowned artist, the other itinerant exhibitions of the house, admire the architecture of the building, made by the famous architect specialized in museums Álvaro Sisa, have a coffee at the Z Café at the entrance of the museum , admiring the landscape facing the river;

2. Get to know the Jockey Club of RS, maybe follow some horse racing and go shopping at Barra shopping Sul, one of the largest in the city, with international stores and gastronomy such as Outback, Galeteria Mamma Mia, Bah Restaurant and a new gastronomic space called Baixo Barra, check it out!;

3. On the way back to the city center, pass by the Beira-rio Stadium, schedule a guided tour, go to the Inter museum and shop for t-shirts and original materials in its store;

4. Watch the Sunset on the sunset of Barco Cisne Branco, starts at 5 pm, leaving Cais Mauá, goes to the south area, where it returns slowly while it is possible to see the sun setting on Guaíba to one side, turning your gaze towards the city, you will see a city illuminated by a golden light. A true show of nature. Take lots of photos and use #visiteportoalegre

1. If you stay with your family in the city center, culture is always a great suggestion, and going to Theatro São Pedro to watch a play would be the best option. Click on the map link and check the Theater schedule;

2. Leaving the Theatro São Pedro, in the mood for a good roast, if it's Thursday or Friday, the special order is the Assado J. Giovanaz, on Rua Duque de Caxias, just 500m from the Theater, it opens at 6 pm If it's Saturday or Sunday, you can take your family to the Ateliê de Pasta - an engaging restaurant that serves individual Italian dishes with Mediterranean notes with an antipasti buffet;

3. If you can't go to the Theater with your family, visit La Tasca bakery, also on Rua Duque de Caxias - artisan bakery, tapas house and wine cellar. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 20:30;

4. Always check the cultural agenda and the schedule of shows and events in the city, check the ratings and have fun with the family.

Check the map for the places mentioned in the itinerary above


Porto Alegre has one of the best and most diverse cuisines in Brazil!

The city colonized by Azorean couples received immigrants from all over the world, which gave rise to a multicultural gastronomy of extreme quality.

To gather and publicize so many gastronomic places in the city, one of the largest portals in the country, o  DESTEMPERADOS appeared.

Click on the buttons below to get to know Destemperados and the main places to eat in the city.

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Porto Alegre has two hop-on hop-off tourist bus lines, check them out below.


Linha Turismo offers packages including itineraries of Linha Turismo, Barco Cisne Branco, visits to football stadiums, the PUC Museum, Breweries and Gastronomic experiences in our City.

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